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Andrew G
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Default Greenfield Mowers

"Andrew G" wrote in message

When you say "Greenfield Weekender (probably the Honda)" do you mean it

a Honda motor?
If so, then I would say that Honda are quite reliable, and seem to have
built a good reputation with their engines for mowers, whipper snippers,
generators (and so on).
I can only guess the "cut up to 3mm" means the mower will cut grass down

a minimum of 3mm high. In a household situation it's not something that is
very practical. Unless your law is similar to a bowling/golf green.
Otherwise your average lawn will be too bumpy, and trying to cut at that
height will cause scalping. Not too mention cutting your lawn that short
will mean it'll dry out quicker.

Oops, disregard that bit
I had a look at the website and realised what the 3mm
bit means. It means as close as you can get the mower to an edge (say a
fence), the cut will be within 3mm of it. The wheels or deck won't stick out
enough to get into the way. I assume this is only for the sides, not the
Well it's purely up to you whether that is handy or not, but the way I see
it is it doesn't do it RIGHT to the edge, in fact I don't know any mower
that does, so you still have to whipper snip edges.

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The mulch function is purely up to you. All it will do is finely cut the
grass, spreading it back on to the lawn. This saves you emptying a

or if your mower has no catcher, saves you raking..
Hope this helps a little.

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