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Default Vandas and Spanish Moss

On May 4, 9:40 pm, jadel wrote:
On May 4, 7:05 am, gerald wrote:

I recently acquired 3 decent sized used Vandas. 2 were in the
standard slatted wooden boxes. they have air roots about a foot long.
draped with the roots is a mass of Spanish moss.

I've visited several vanda growers in Florida who don't use -any-
growing medium with their vandaceous plants. I use diatomite with
some, but let others grow bare-rooted--literally. They seem to do

J. Del Col


Vandas are very flexible and easy to grow provided all the appropriate
requirements like lighting,
watering, temperature are met. I remembered having a Vanda Madam
Rattana from Thailand.
I was grown in a 1.5 inches plastic thumb pot with nothing in it and
it was hanged from the normal
hanging wire. It grew in my garden and it produced regular flowers
like others.
Nutrients absorption is also conducted through the mob like
roots.Therefore care must be taken
not to injure it.

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