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Default Spork - half fork half spade

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A fiend of mine Robert Todd has designed and made the garden spork.
It's half fork & half spade. I wasn't sure how good it would be so I
tested it out in my allotment. I was very impressed by it. The blade
didn't get clogged up with clay as my spade tends to do. It cut
through the soil and the sharp cutting edges cut sliced he soil

Silly question but which is at the bottom/top? I was digging holes in
ground today. I needed a fork to break it up and a spade to dig it out...
a spork is a spade with prongs it wouldn't have worked very well because
when digging a deep hole just the tip of the spade is used to lift the
out. If it's the other way around it won't break up the soil like a fork
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The blade does not have round prongs like a fork, they are flattened
so it can lift the soil. It's very cleverly designed see photo on