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Default 18" of Snow on Long Island - yes this too is global warming

I understand that the hole is - or has repaired itself.
I heard this on TV last year.


"MLF" wrote in message

"K30a" wrote:
Does anybody remember the global *cooling*
theory that was all the worry in the 70s.

Actually, it's more than a theory, it's a sure thing. Given the
continuing and increasing introduction of various chemicals and carbon
dioxide into the atmosphere, it's going to happen.

The issue was not if, but when. Right now, the effect seems to be
negligible, or at least too small to be measured reliably. The hole in
the ozone is a real thing, but no one really knows if it is a cyclical
effect or if it is actually getting bigger. Therefore there's the
current debate among ultrarightwing conservatives who deny it's effects
despite growing evidence that it does (at least to some extent) and the
leftist alarmists who declare the sky is falling despite fairly weak
evidence that it is.

My guess is that the jury is still out on the issue and the truth (as
usual) is somewhere in between.

Michael Fermanis
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