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Default Odd behaving Tomato

Last year one of the tomatilloa grew twice as big as the others and
produced a lot of flowers that all dropped off. It set no fruit. The
other smaller plants were setting lots of fruit. So it wasn't the
weather or the soil conditions. That plant had a problem, probably a
genetic problem, so I composted it. Sad, but true.

Jane Doe wrote:
I have an odd behaving tomato bush, actually two. Two of them are Mr.Stripy
from HomeDepot which I put in the ground at the end of April with many other
varieties. Just yesterday, I noticed that the two Stripies have ZERO
fruit. Zero flowers. They are sitting in the same row as many other
varieties which have set fruit a long time ago which has already ripened.
All the tomatoes are planted in the same soil so it's not as if it's growing
in pure Nitrogen :*). I've never seen anything like it, but I'm curious how
this could happen and has anyone seen this kind of behavior from a tomato
plant before.

Any ideas?