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Default for Shiva - replacements for Mr. L (?)

Unique Too wrote:

My buds are cream almost yellow with dark pink edges in full sun. The

creamy yellow fades closer to white as the bloom opens and the pink edge
gets redder and wider. At certain times of the year the plant is partly
shaded and the buds are pretty close to pure white.

This still sounds gorgeous. I want to know where you got your DD, where
torgo got his, and how different the respective parts of FL where you each
live may be.

Here an open flower and a bud can actually clash when put in a vase
together. I know I just did that last week. This is a very changing
rose, rarely are two blooms the same color at the same time.

I cannot imagine I might want this rose for the vase--although if the
fragrance is that nice I might. In any case I love the ones that are
changable. True to life.