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Radika Kesavan
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Default "Just Joey" in cool climates

JimS. wrote:
Does anyone grow "Just Joey" in a cooler climate? Apprantly from the lack
of response, nobody has Bronze Star which I bought this weekend. Bronze
Star is a cross between Just Joey and some unknown seedling. My book says
Just Joey has its best colors where there are hot summers-- which does not
exactly describe Seattle. (mild winter but not hot summer).

Does anyone grow Just Joey where it's not too hot? I'm wondering what I can
expect from this Bronze Star. Also, is Just Joey a prolific bloomer?

J. Joey is a very prolific bloomer here, but have no clue what it will
do in either too hot or cooler climates. Here, it is usually just right,
and neither the cool spells nor the too hot spells last longer than
three days, so do not qualify to say anything about either of those
growing conditions. Fragrant, rather nice in every aspect, but this
place is a bit too easy on all roses so my opinion is probably not worth
much for you. FWIW.

USDA 9 / Sunset 15