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Default A couple of my recent pictures - ButterflyBindweed.jpg (1/1)

In article
Amos Nomore wrote:

In article ,
Omelet wrote:

In article ,
"Mary Fisher" wrote:

Just to prove to Omelet that I do take pictures and I haven't pro
equipment - and I don't want any tips on enhancement from anyone but
or Marutchi!

Forgot to attach, sorry!

Nobody seemed to like this one.
What did I do wrong?

I like it! Especially since it demonstrates that bindweed is good for
something, as I've lost hope controlling the stuff.

I personally think it's rather pretty. As long as I keep track of new
sprouts and weed it out of where I DON'T want it, it's ok.

Being a native to the area, it's a green with low water needs.

I know it grows fast. Believe me!
Just takes diligence. ;-)
Peace, Om

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