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Default A couple of my recent pictures

"Omelet" wrote in message
In article ,
"Mary Fisher" wrote:

Just to prove to Omelet that I do take pictures and I haven't pro
equipment - and I don't want any tips on enhancement from anyone but
or Marutchi!

You did not have to prove anything to me!

I know, It was a goad :-)

Now you have challenged me to pull the pics off my camera and post them.
;-) Gotta shrink them first and hope that spiderweb turns out.

I didn't see a web ...

In the meantime, attached is one of my favorites from last year that
never elicited any comments. During the Skipper swarm.

.... and I don't know what a Skipper is ...

The one problem I have right now is taking the camera from the AC in the
house to hot humid outdoors. Takes a bit for me to get it to stop

We don't have that problem, no AC. and not really humid here most of the

Missed a good cicada pic this morning. ;-( The bugger spooked.

Recently I shot dozens of honeybees on flowering herbs but either couldn't
hold the camera still enough or the bees moved :-(

Some you win ...