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Default sources of KNO3? - thank you!

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003 16:48:39 -0800, "linda mar"

KNO3 will not supply enough potassium unless you want your NO3
levels to go sky high. So you should also pick up some K2SO4
(potassium sulfate). If you have problems finding these items locally
then I suggest you try

thank you all for all the information! I'll make a trek out to the local
hardware/nursery this weekend (or let the fingers do the shopping on-line)


"linda mar" wrote in message
.. .
hi all,

ok. I finally got my nitrate test kit, and checked my water... and it

ZERO. so.. it's ammonia zero, nitrite zero, nitrate zero (kh/gh=3,


no wonder my plants aren't growing that much. I don't have enough fish to
maintain a good level of nitrogen compounds to sustain them (may be I

dump in some gold fish in there...)

anyway, jokes aside...

earlier, someone also recommended that I add potassium. since I also need
nitrates, I guess the best thing to put in would be KNO3 so I can get both

and NO3 in the tank in one shot. I keep seeing it mentioned but I haven't
quite made the correlation between the chemical and brand/product name..

now.. where do I get this?