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Default Pet Safe Vines?

All of the reports are anecdotal. From the last article given below:
"The toxic mechanism remains to be elucidated, and the apparent lack of a
reproducible dose response relationship has led some authors to suggest
this may reflect either a component of the fruits that is present in varying
quantities,or the existence of an extrinsic compound that may not always be present"

Our dogs have always eaten grapes and even raisins and lived to well past their
"natural" life span. In the wild wolves eat grapes. They have not yet found any
toxin in grapes, that is no "mechanism" of toxicity.

I find it interesting that there were NO reports of grape toxicity in dogs until
recently. HOWEVER, we now know about all the toxins in the food on the shelves,
toxins that cause renal and liver failure.

"Could you please tell me what the signs and symptoms of the melamine poisoning are
in dogs?

A: Signs to watch for with a suspected melamine poisoning includes vomiting,
inappetance, lethargy, urinating more frequently, and drinking more water.
The melamine is a renal toxin and can cause acute kidney failure. In dogs who
already have compromised kidneys, the symptoms are more severe. When the kidneys
fail, they are unable to clear the proteins from the blood, causing nausea. Some
dogs will vomit. Most will not be interested in their food. In attempt to flush the
kidneys, the dogs will be more thirsty and urinate more frequently.
If your dog is showing any of these clinical signs, we recommend having your
veterinarian check a renal bloodwork panel and a urinalysis."

THE DIFFERENCE? my dogs eat a raw meaty bone diet bought from a local human food
store. No processed, commercial dog foods, no melamine contamination, no aflatoxins,
no grains, carbs etc that compromise their health.


On 17 Nov 2007 10:42:03 GMT, Kay Lancaster wrote:

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 17:48:41 -0600, wrote:
wild grapes. dogs dont really go for them. all our dogs eat grapes with no "toxic"
effects. Ingrid

No grapes around dogs. There have been a number of reports of fatalities
in dogs with relatively small doses of either.

See Elwood and Whatling, 2006. Grape toxicity in dogs. Vet Rec.
April 8; 158(14):492

Campbell and Bates, 2003. Raisin poisoning in dogs. Vet Rec 2003;

Penny, Henderson & Brown. 2003. Raisin poisoning in a dog. Vet Rec 2003

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