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Default peppers just now producing...

Prune how? To a nub?
After replanting?
More details, please!
Do they resprout inside, or do you mean you're just saving the mature
rootstock to replant in the spring?
If it's the rootstock you are saving and replanting, there still might
be time. If you're replanting to ripen young fruit, it's probably too
late for mine.

Peppers also don't set fruit when it's very hot out, so that in combo
with the drought is probably why they didn't bear this summer and are
bearing now.

"ncstockguy" wrote in message

We bought and planted a couple of pepper plants from Lowes last May.
The plants seemed be healthy but did not produce all summer. I was
out doing a little pre winter maintenance work the other day and
noticed they have a bunch of small peppers coming on now.. mid
November. Anyone else have peppers that did this? I am wondering if
Lowes was selling the wrong variety for this climate.... Usually we
get peppers by early July.

I have had all things happen from complete leaf loss to
white mites. The only thing that will happen is your plants
will survive the winter. There will be no fruit harvest
other than what is on the vine in the house. They are survivers!

Bottom line is that you will plant a plant that is 12" tall
in the spring and grew like the dickens. Year 2 is the best!

Pruning, I have no experience. But my friend in Ca. says
thats the best way. "Just like a grape vine" we get the best
fruit by pruning.