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Default Paraphalaenopsis labukensis question

Beware of some gas heaters - the emissions can be hostile to orchids.

"Kenni Judd" wrote in message
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For those with relatively small orchid houses, there is a heater
attachment that will fit on the same gas canister used in grills.
Expensive for regular use, but easy and convenient for those who only have
to heat a couple-three nights a year, or as an emergency backup for use in
a power outage. Sorry I don't recall where we got ours. Kenni

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On Sun, 2 Dec 2007 18:28:33 -0600 in Manelli
Family wrote:

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I hear you! When you walk in a tropical greenhouse and your glasses
*don't* fog over that's trouble too. [sigh] I grow too dry. Too
Like I say, the heater will get worked on and turned up this weekend.
(I'm betting the Raiders won't be worth watching.)

You can always pick up an inexpensive heater at Wal*Mart until you fix
one not working. I have three $20 heaters spaces around my 16'

I'll add another two cents on inexpensive heaters...
Every now and then you'll see (for a given wattage) a heater with
controls selling for less than one with good manual switches and
dial thermostat... Do not give into temptation and buy the one with
controls. It turns off during power blinks :-).
Chris Dukes

Nice to know!