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Default Newbie: Growing chillies indoors

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:46:02 -0000, "sprocket"

Sorry if this has been aksed before - I have searched google for similar
posts but nothing has come up - sorry for missing anything that should have.

I recently bought a mixed variety pack of chilli seeds from Mr Fothergills
online. The seeds have germinated in a cheapo propogator and are now about
2-3 inches tall. I have thinned off some of the weeker looking ones and now
have about 6 seedlings sitting next to a big set of bays doors in my
third-floor flat.

My question is this: where do I go from here !! I plan to repot them into 6"
pots - will they be OK left to grow on the windowsil ?? Also, do I need to
do any assisted polination once the flowers appear - I dont plan on letting
too many bees into the flat so will I have to do this myself in order to get
fruit ?? If so, how ?!

Any answers to these questions, and/or general tips for growing these
beauties will be much appreciated !


If you have the room, you might consider larger pots. Most culinary
peppers grow into plants 18-36" tall. Pinching them as suggested by
the previous poster will help, but if the plant gets very large, it is
difficult to keep it moist in so little soil.

Give them as much light as you can manage.

Good luck.