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Perry Noid
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Default Getting rid of moles

Chris Haney wrote:

What is it moles feed on and what is used to get rid of them?


They eat earth worms and insects, so it's basically impossible to remove
their food without doing a lot more damge to the ground than the moles
do /

I fight moles over a large area, and i use mainly traps. They seem
pretty smart, cause after i bury/set a trap, they seem to leave even if
i don't catch one /

For a garden or small area, creating vibrations in the earth are
supposed to discourage moles, but won't reliably eliminate them.
whirligigs are simple little windmills used to convert wind energy into
ground vibration sent down a rod or pole driven into the earth, but most
the ones on the net are too light and flimsey with a little flimsy or
wooden stake that gets soft as it rots in the ground / Obviously to
create substantial vibrations into the ground that will carry, you need
a thick, solid post that is driven deep, like a 1/2 inch peice of
electrical conduit driven a couple feet into the ground. A copper/alloy
grounding rod would be much better tho, more solid and won't rust. i
couldn't find any homemade whirligigs on the net, but seems to me it'd
be real simple, just a little vertical axis windmill that rested on
something that caused vibration as it turned, either a ribbed surface or
a slanted surface with a dropoff, so with each turn the windmill raised
up about 1/4 inch and then dropped. Like this:

Here's free plans for an electronic version:

Traps are supposed to be the most successful method, tho more labor

Another method is piping car exhaust into the hole, but this can take 20
or 30 minutes to be effective. However holes can go hundreds of feet
giving moles a long evacuation route, so it's not necessarily effective,
but otoh it can wipe out a family of moles instead of just one.

It's a constant battle and one method won't do it.