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Default black fish with white spots

I couldnt find Meyer 1984. found this
"Water temperature can be gradually raised to 90F, maintained there fo
r 24 hours,
and then gradually dropped to 70F for 48 hours. The infective juvenile
s (tomites)
will be killed while the water temperature is at 90. When the temperat
ure is dropped
the adult organisms will fall off the fish and begin to reproduce. As the
young begin
to emerge 48 hours later, the temperature is again raised to 90F, caus
ing them to
die. Repeating this process continuously (24 hours at 90 F followed by
48 hours at
70 F) for two weeks should control the disease. Cleaning the tank ever
y second day
will help remove cysts before they rupture and therefore help to prevent
of the life cycle. If you decide to use temperature to control "Ich" in y
our home
aquarium be sure that the type of fish in your tank can tolerate the temp
extremes involved."


On Tue, 3 Jun 2008 19:19:13 EDT, ~ jan wrote:
Correction. It can be killed at 89.5 degrees F.
~ jan