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Default What happened to this group?

On 30 Jul 2008, the world was enlightened by Vreejack's opinion about...

On Jul 9, 11:30*pm, Andy Pastuszak wrote:
Richard Sexton wrote:
In article ,
R. & J. Willingham wrote:
Where is everyone?

I was in the back yard. What did you need?

Now THAT'S funny!

Sucks to see these Newsgroups so dead....


There were a couple of idiots who turned them into their own personal
warring grounds, spamming the place with the vitriolic ichor that
dripped from their febrile brains. Lately I haven't seen them
*anywhere* so perhaps they died or went back on their meds. Or just
grew up. Maybe when I get all my books unpacked I'll be able to look
up some answers and ask some questions. It will be a couple of weeks
yet, though, as I am too busy traveling.

Many of us ended up he

It's moderated and much more civilized.


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