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Default Post IKE - most all is well in our garden

Glad to hear you are safe, I've been wondering how the Texas contingency was
fairing. Sorry to hear you've lost some trees. If you haven't already, you
may want to put a bit of white glue on the end of wound on Peace to seal it.

Gail, how about you?

Jeff, Southeast Michigan, Zone 5

"Martin H. Eastburn" wrote in message
Well we lost 4 trees - one in the front yard and 3 large and tall ones in
the back wood lot.

Our roses are in bloom with the reds taking the lead. Only one yellow is
coming into bloom and the Peace almost lost it all. A large branch
the plant to the lower main stalk just above the graft bud.

Some damage to the house, but many in town had very large (and old) trees
across their homes.

Hope all is going well with all of us in the group. Many along the coast
are still not home if one exists.

Martin H. Eastburn
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