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Default Phal question

The aerial roots probably failed due to disuse and low humidity. Misting
them is not a bad idea.

The fact that the new leaves are larger tells me everything is going good,
and that you really have little to worry about.

Phals actually grow better if kept warmer, but will need to see about
10-15 lower average temperatures for a few weeks in order to initiate a
new flower spike.


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"Uncle_vito" wrote in message

I have a phal that I have owned almost 1 year. I bought it in flower and
anticipate that it is getting ready to flower again.

Here is the issue:

Over the last year, it grew 3 new leaves, much larger than the original
leaves on the plant. Three original leaves turned yellow and fell off.
(I have only 1 original leaf left) There were some surface roots that
dried up and died. I am using a clear plastic pot and can see good roots
down inside. Media is moss which I try not to get too dried out, but
water only when it appears to need it (once a week). Phal grows in the
house in about 80 degree weather. Humidity is like around 30%.

Is this "normal" for roots exposed to air to die yet roots in the media to
do fine. Are leaves associated with unique roots? Could you say that
the new leaves were due to the good deep roots and the dead leaves due to
the dead surface roots? I know I have the plant growing in a warmer and
drier environment than where it was purchased. I bought it at Normans
( and when I took a trip to his nursery yesterday, the
environment was cool (70 and humid 45%). I am not going to try and
duplicate that environment in my house, but my Phal seems to be doing OK
even with the roots and leaves as I describe.