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Default Thanks to all who have given my orchids new homes

Happy Thanksgiving to all at r.g.o.!!!
I'm thankful for your help with about half of 'em. The 'chids have
gone to live in new homes in 22 states including Hawaii! Some are
invited to Europe and even Australia. (Don't have a contact to
facilitate such travel.)
So the page is turning. Moving on. Dismantling the GH Friday. But
Let's have some turkey... I feel a nap coming on. :~}

On Oct 26, 6:54*pm, Savor wrote:
Hello everyone,
It is a bit odd to post my dilemma in a public place but desperate
times require such measures. The greenhouse is still standing. I've
been given a reprieve while the mortgage company fashions a "workout"
solution. Where is Congress to bail me out? There is talk but no
action to help the homeowners yet.
stepping off the soapbox
Please take a new look at my I'd much
rather clear the greenhouse than have them crowded into a small space
or neglected.
Lee in South Carolina