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Default Coconut Husk Chips

I noticed the same - not as nice as it was before. Especially the small
stuff - lots of long fibers making it a lot harder to pot with.

"Steve" wrote in message

tenman wrote:
Steve wrote:

This is a follow up to a question I had back at the end of September.
I was looking for the Crystal Company, which I remembered used to
advertise in Orchids magazine selling bales of CHC.
After some help here, I found their web site and e-mail address. The web
site showed the product but showed no prices or any way to order it. I
sent an e-mail to inquire. No response was ever received.
At that point, I sent an e-mail to Roberts Flower Supply and got a reply
within hours. I had ordered from them the last time I bought a full bale
of CHC but I wanted to compare prices. I placed the order and their
service was very good. Just thought I would report.


Yes, Wayne (Roberts) is good, and I have been buying from him for many
years. I did notice that the CHC I get now is not of the same quality or
uniformity I got a few years back, but I see the same thing in it from
every source I find, so I think it's just what there is no matter where
you get it.

I noticed the difference too. Before it was nice clean chunks. Now they
are more ragged and more loose fibers. I'm expecting my plants to not care

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