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Default Roundup Zero effectiveness on Kikuyu grass lawn

Put in a chook pen with chooks.
That gets rid of it better than anything, as someone already suggested.
As far as using herbicides, that really silly if its not needed....
"YMC" wrote in message
"Erik Vastmasd" wrote in message

I didn't reply earlier because I was unsure what the original poster
to do with the garden. Kikuyu is very hardy, withstands drought and many
weed killers etc.

I didn't snip either so probably nobody will get to see this. ;-)

If the intention was to poison the Kikuyu this week and make new
in the same area next week, I wouldn't think it would be too successful.

One of the Pathweeder type products would be the best to get rid of
The problem there is that they say they sterilize the soil for up to 12
Months (perhaps that is bit of wishful thinking) but if new plantings are
made soon after using a Pathweeder product the new plantings won't
If you have a substantial Kikuyu growth it can't be eradicated by hand,
of a specific weed killer is necessary.


Thanks Erik.

Well, the plan is to plant a small tree where the kikuyu is growing. I
plan to spray it with concentrate roundup 20ml+1litre in the following
month. Application once a week. And follow it up with repeated sprays as
and when they do appear.

Its not my tree - and frankly I don't really care for it - I'm only
planting it there because someone (who has minus zero ideas about
gardening ) gave me orders to do so.

But anyways I realize that the kikuyu is an inappropriate grass to be
growing in that area of the garden. Its hard to get the mower there.