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Kay Easton
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Default Toads or Frogs

In article , Richard Savage
Can anyone help me differentiate between frog- and toad-spawn?

Frog spawn is in lumps, like tapioca.
Toad spawn is in long ribbons, only two eggs wide, festooned around the
weed. You will recognise it immediately when you see it.

redirect me to a more appropriate forum for this question?

I have two ponds; one (the older) has always hosted frog-spawn, the
newer pond has a large ball of what looks like frog-spawn but the eggs
(?) are larger and more distinct and spherical than the frog-spawn which
is a more amorphous mass.

Still frog. It may just be a bit fresher. The eggs tend to break down a
bit, and grow algae, as the tads get nearer hatching.

It, the unknown spawn, is on the bottom of
the new pond but this is probably because there is no vegetation for it
to attach to.

It often sinks once the eggs have absorbed water.

Kay Easton

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