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Default rain

Opposite problem here. We *finally* are getting rained on. The 'chids are
loving it. It has rained every day here for the past week or so, generally
in the afternoon. That's typical of our rainy season, which is late

Nobody I know (and virtually all of us grow outside here) brings plants in
when this is going on. For me, since we grow almost exclusively in Aliflor,
this is not a problem. It's pretty hard to overwater if you're growing in an
inorganic medium. Our Phals (most of which also grow in Aliflor) are under
the cover of a porch roof, so that's not an issue. Likewise the Paphs. Some
of our Oncidium types and Encyclias are in a blend of CHC and a bunch of
other stuff, and you might think they'd get waterlogged after a while, but
it's not a problem as long as the medium is fresh and light.

Starting now, our issue will be finding windows of time to fertilize. No
point in doing so if the stuff will be washed away or if the roots are so
thoroughly wet that little will be absorbed.

There is lots of air movement along with the rain, so things do dry out.

I need to be repotting. I also need to be topping Vandas. Now *those* are


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ok, i am SO over this rain thing. three inches yesterday (DC area).

what do you folks who grow outside do when it rains/drizzles 24/7 for
ten days? do you bring any of them in, or just spray down with