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Default Trpla.galeottiana

This is one of the parents of the Trichopilia Charlotte I posted a month
or so ago. It's where the yellow comes from (the other is tortilis).
There's a slight fragrance, reminding me more of my Ansellia africana
than anything, a bit musky yet also sweet. The flowers are just over
3.5" across (9cm)

As I mentioned in the post of the Charlotte (5.125" flowers [13+cm]),
there was a nomenclature error in the parents, it came from a flasking
labelled 'Trichopilia toritilis x turialbae' made in Europe. Since
turialbae is a smallish white trumpet-shaped flower (half the size of
galleottiana) , clearly it cannot be a parent of the plants which have
bloomed out of that flasking but rather it is galeottiana; both my plant
and the pics I've seen are clearly Charlottes based on this and pics of
Charlottes from the previous flasking done here in the US.

I can only surmise they acquired their 'turialbae' from SBOE.

SBOE has been selling galeottiana labelled as turialbae for many years,
and continues to do so despite several notes from me with pics and
documentary evidence (this, one of my four galeottianas, is in fact one
of those SBOE plants). Please, if you care at all about proper orchid
nomenclature, call them, email them, or speak to them in person about
this matter and ask them to stop deliberately selling mislabelled plants.

I have attached a group pic of Charlotte, tortilis, and turialbae to

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