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Default Pond cleaning day

~ jan wrote:
On Sun, 23 Aug 2009 02:29:39 EDT, "Pete C"

Jan, I can't argue what you and Joe say. My pond is 4 years old,
water parameters are fine. Fish are healthy, increase each year, and
I've never lost one. I do use a vac maybe twice a year, but that
doesn't remove that much water,

Well.... and I hate to say this... but I've had other people tell me
the same thing on usenet and then trouble starts about year 5.


Course they weren't always vaccing the mulm off the bottom...

All I can say is what I recommend is what fishvets taught us in the
KHA program and what people who have had koi longer than I have
learned over their years. Just keep it in mind if you do start to
have any problems. Check your parameters... and even if good, do a
water change. They do remove parasites, if for no other reason. ~ jan

I'll take the advice, and start to do occasional 10% changes. Thanks
Pete C
London UK