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Default Lotus blooms - finally!

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 18:58:38 EDT, "ReelMcKoi" wrote:

My lotus bloomed - finally! I removed all the other water plants from th
kiddy pool and added fresh soil and a lot of fertilizer. :-) It now has t
seed heads. I may try planting some of them. Has anyone had success with

the seeds?

So where's the pictures?g

This was my first year with a pond & I was pleased to get lots of
Water lily blooms and a few Water hyacinths. I think I can squeeze
a lotus in next year.

How much surface area per plant did you give it? Kiddy pool? so it
doesn't need deep water? Do you leave it out for the winter?

I'm in a warm Zone 5 in upstate NY. Days are shorter than in TN-
but not a lot colder in my little protected spot.