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Default Pond cleaning day

In article ,

I dont do weekly 10%. I change maybe 25% in spring and fall. Because I use
a veggie
filter the plants are sucking out all kinds of minerals. Hormones are
organic and
good bacteria break them down. No nitrates of course. And my water from the
lake is
naturally low in minerals so I need to add calcium and salt. My fish are now
9 years
in the pond and I have had no loss or disease for 7 years, mostly after I
even netted
the veggie filter to keep birds from "bathing" and crapping in the water.
Last fish
to die died of infected eggs. I think the biggest reason for stability is I
added no fish in those 10 years. No fish bringing in disease of any kind.
I use the color of the water as a gauge to when to do water changes. When my
koi are quite yellow I change until they are light yellow as they swim under
water down to the bottom. I have been sucking the water out, then adding,
but it
takes too long. Since I use the removed water to water my plants in the
future I am
going to suck out one side (deep) and add at the other end shallow. Ingrid

I've got a pretty strong pump on my pond bottom, and its intake area is
made up of large holes to let in more debris.
When I drain the 10%, I usually first stir up the pond bottom. I've got
a valve that pretty much instantly drains my waterfall filter, so I'm
able to not only change the water, but clear a lot of muck at the same

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