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Originally Posted by Emerald BlueRos View Post
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me. I've had my rose seeds in a seed tray for 6 weeks now, and according to the instruction leaflet I have, I am supposed to have had 'true leaves' by now.

A few days after they were planted, a stalk was visible and it had two small green leaves on it. I figured this was the 'non-true leaves'. It died after a couple of weeks.

Then in another part of the seed tray, there was another green sprout. It's still growing, but it looks like grass. I've been trying to find pictures online of what the first and second leaves are supposed to look like but I'm not finding anything. Please can you help me?

I keep the soil damp, there is 3-4 inches of soil in the tray, there are 5 seeds - one in each corner and one in the middle all equally spaced out, and it sits on a windowsill indoors as per the instruction leaflet.

Am I doing things wrong?
All new Rose varieties were grown from seed. They are not really that hard to grow, but the plants will not be the same as the parents. Those yellow roses might very well produce red or pink or nay other color flowers. Grown from seed take two years usually to get flowers. Many will bloom the first year but they tend to be smaller.