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Default Organic Remedy for Destroying Ant Nests

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Hi All,
I canít find a section on this site for pests and diseases so I will
just post this in the hope that someone might find it of use.

This was a tip I got from an organic market gardener on another
allotment site about 6 years ago.

This requires to be done when the weather is dry for reasons which will
become obvious.

First locate an area where the ants are active, now sprinkle some dry
semolina in a small pile.

The worker ants will transport this new food source back to the nest,
the queen will be fed the new food first.

Having eaten the dry semolina it will expand in the moist environment
of the queen's digestive system and she will explode through being
unable to digest it. This it was said would also be the fate of the
larval queens in waiting who would also be fed the semolina. The result
no queens no eggs no ants.

I have only had to use this remedy once on my plot and it worked
perfectly. Now if I could only find a similar remedy for Slugs,
Bindweed and Horsetail I would be in allotment heaven.

List five reasons why you need get rid of ants and tell me what harm they
You won't be able to.


LOL Christina, I can give you some:-

1) They invade my cupboard containing sugar
put your sugar in a sealed container

2) They invade my cupboard containing flour

They are not interested in flour but put it in a sealed container anyway

If you deny them access to any sort of sweet thing they will go away
If you particularly want to stop them put talcum powder down where they're
coming in. Kills them stone dead.

I like ants, they have an amazing social structure akin to bees.