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Default 14.99 Orchids.. Good Deal?

When the ancient war dogs did battle on Fri, 18 Apr 2003 12:38:56
-0400, "BiG Orange" @ did speak the following bit of wisdom:

So is 14.99 a good deal for an unlabeled plant? What's the going price?

It's not a bad price for a healthy orchid of any type. But you can
often do better, especially if you specifically look for "out of
bloom" plants. Develop a relationship with your local nursery or home
center. Then talk to the store managers about doing a bit of a deal.
Garden centers will often lower the price dramatically just to get
these plants out the door so they don't have to care for them. As an
example, today I bought 2 named oncidiums (Sharry Baby) at my favorite
garden center. They were marked down to half price ($9.99 apiece). A
bit of a chat and some small talk with one of the owners and he took
another dollar off each of them for my trouble since they are badly in
need of repotting. Nothing at all wrong with them except they are out
of bloom and probably considered rather ugly to the average plant
buyer. A very good day for me! Yipeeeeeee.....

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