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Default Tomatoes - Ace versus Early Girl versus ?

In article ,
Dan Musicant wrote:

BTW, Orchard Supply said they would probably get a shipment on Tuesday,
so I may just wait the 4 days and see if I can get Early Girl again.
Next year I really should pin them down on the phone before making
several trips. They said they'd get a shipment today, I called and they
said they did, I went, they didn't have it! Bleh! I'm going to be a more
fussy shopper!


Email: dmusicant at pacbell dot net

Well, both are F1 hybrids, and what I can find Ace requires 75-85 days
from transplant to produce fruit, and Early Girl takes 52-65 days.

According to the blurb in Wikipedia about Early Girl, it is a favorite
of Alice Waters of Chez Paniss, if that means anything to you.
Dry Farming Early Girl is recommended.
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