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Default Will planter boxes work up against iron wall ?

On 19/06/2010 2:23 PM, Bloke Down The Pub wrote:
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I was wondering if this idea would work.

I've got left over palings from building a fence (untreated) and was
thinking of using them to build a few basic boxes against my shed to
plant things like herbs, tomatoes etc.

What I'm worried about is heat. Because this side of the shed faces
north, and during summer in particular there's a lot of heat reflected.
scorching at times.

Would I be wasting my time building boxes ?

I was thinking it may work if I setup a drip feed system of sorts to
keep the soil moist all the time, which would be easy to do here because
I have tank water tap right next door, but still thinking there'd be too
much heat, and the plants will burn (and I'm not into cactii...)

appreciate any thoughts. I'm quite new to gardening.

thanks kindly


you have a u.k. address, but we don't know if you are in the u.k.! i'm
not, so i can't answer in an informed way about that.

however, if you're in australia like we are, i'd suggest you're right -
the wall will have sun on it all day& become _much_ too hot. i have a
creeper planted against an east-facing tin shed wall,& it gets too hot to
grow (so i'm going to have to move it) even though the sun has moved over
by lunchtime. north-facing would be simply impossible - the radiant heat
is just too much for most plants.

is there somewhere else you could put the boxes? i reckon wooden plant
boxes look excellent,& you can line them with heavy plastic (with a few
holes in the bottom) to keep them more moist. it's true that planters&
pots need daily watering when it's hot, but most of us have some anyway,
because they have other charms. (and because you may well need to water
other parts of the garden daily in summer anyway.)

you could perhaps keep shadecloth squares to put over the planters each
morning, but i am thinking it's not ideal - it's just a way to make a bad
location better, where moving the planters to a sunny, but not hot, spot
would be the better idea. another idea might be to also make a back board
(of palings) to sit behind. this would not warm up so much, but again,
you're sort of just making do because it's a problem you could have

Again assuming you are in au and not in uk then a north facing wall would be
ideal for winter plantings, giving the bed that extra bit of heat.