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Default What to do with too many fish

nik Simpson wrote:

Seems like the unofficial breeding program in my pond has been
successful this year with something like 6-8 young fish looking like
they'll reach maturity. If this goes on for another year or so I'll have
too many fish in the pond. I don't like the idea of just killing some of
them, though my cats might enjoy it ;-) So what do others do in this

Hi Nik,

Here in San Diego I have Gambusia (mosquito fish) in my pond. The county
gives them away to pond owners as part of their mosquito abatement program.
They eat anything, including the eggs from Koi spawn. Haven't had a birth in
five years.

They do breed like crazy though and need to be in a warm area or they will
die back in the winter.

San Diego Joe
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