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Default Hyacinth growing strong, but yellowed leaves

Phyllis and Jim wrote:

The hyacinth has slowed as we miove through August. Still growing
well and very tall. The new growth has much lighter leaves than the
older. Like yellowish. I added some potassium to the pond recently,
so it should not be that. Any ideas?

What about your other plants? My Hyacinth have not been thriving
this year, and my lilys seem to have more dying leaves than normal
[though blooming is right up there with last year]

I've been blaming the super hot weather- [for us]- and the pond is
also getting some extra sun because the maple lost a couple big
branches this summer.

My water lettuce, hornwort & elephant ear seem fine, so I think the
water is ok.

The only chemicals I've ever used is some Algaecide on occasion to
keep the string algae down to where the snails can eat it.


[In NY where it has been a very hot- very dry summer]