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Default Propagating Dracaena

Yes, I know it's the wrong time of year to be doing this, but one of
my plants suffered a mishap and I'm trying to minimize the damage.

The Dracaena was about three feet tall, six heads branching from a
common central stem. The pot got knocked over and four of the six
heads broke off. The remaining two are healthy.

I pruned the ragged ends of the broken stumps and have the severed
branches in water. My questions:

Will the severed woody stumps regenerate? The original six branches
seem to have all originated from a single cut to the main stem so I'm
hoping the newly cut stems will do the same.

Any chance that will work, or should I just cut them back to the main
stem and forget about them?

I'm going to try propagating the severed branches by pruning away the
woody part up to the green stem, stripping the leaves off several
inches of the green stem, dipping the stem in rooting hormone, then
planting them in a light potting mix.

Your thoughts?

Dick Evans