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Default Arborvitae/Fence Question?? Also.... ( Brooklyn )


Like I said, there is a 6 foot high spruce stockade fence on our
property line seperating the 2 houses, but when the nosey jerk neighbor
comes out to smoke his cigarrette out on the back porch, he can clearly
see right over the fence and into our yard, because his back porch floor
is about 3 feet off the ground, and he is albout 6 feet tall, so that
gives him a 9 foot high "lookout" so to speak.

So we want to plant arbovitaes that will grow 9 feet tall or more to
give us some privacy from this creep.

Erect a a trellis just in front of the fence, strategically located to best
block his view while standing on the porch. Plant silver lace vine or
sweet autumn clematis and train them up along the trellis. Either of
these vine will grow up to 20 feet in a season, once established, and it
should only take a season or two for them to cover that trellis.

Pat in Plymouth MI

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