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Default Calcium supplements for tomatoes

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"Paul M. Cook" wrote:

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Paul M. Cook wrote:
Well, planting season is almost here. I am going to double my tomato
crop this year. I have ready access to oyster shells and crushed coral.
How good of a calcium supplement would these make? I grow in pots, 22
inch pots - 1 plant per pot. I'd like to just mix in a large quantity of
either into my planting soil. I did pretty good last year using a liquid
calcium supplement but it was kind of expensive tedious. Hoping to do
something cheaper and easier this year.


You could put some oyster shells in a plastic bucket of water and add a
little muriatic acid (or a bunch of vinegar.) Stir it up and let it sit
for a few days. The shells will neutralize the acid, and the liquid will
be loaded with of soluble calcium++. Pour it around the plants. HTH :-)

Good idea.


I use vinegar as a herbicide. I'd make sure your saturated solution is
heavy on the shell side.

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