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Jim Miller
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Default Why won't my glosso grow?

my glosso was just sitting there as well until i did a nitrate test and
found it was unmeasurable. i also did some reading and discovered that my
other plants appeared to be exhibiting potassium deficiency. now that i'm
adding much more potassium and have my nitrates at 10-15ppm my glosso is
finally taking off.

i already had 3wpg and 20ppm co2, flourite substrate and flourish but until
N and K were increased nothing was happening.

if you do add nitrates do it very slowly or your fish won't be happy. i
worked up by doses calculated to increase about 1.5ppm to where i am now.

i used to get the
dosing right.

hair algae is gradually receding as well.


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"Tom Izsak" wrote in message
I have a 54 gallon corner tank that's been established over a year
(see pics he
). I've recently redesigned it, and have planted gloso in the
foreground. It grows, but extremely slowly. Anybody have any clues as
to what could be the problem?

Tank Stats:

Temp: 78
Hardness: Very soft (New York City tap)
PH: 6.5
Lighting: 220w CF
Fertilization: PMDD 15 drops every day
Substrate: Flourite

All plants grow well except for Rotala Walachii, which also grows very
slowly. Any input would be appreciated. I'd really like a glosso lawn,
but at this rate it'll take forever.