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Allen Smith
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Default shrimp

I have not investigated shrimp because I have heard/read that they can
be quite fragile, especially in regards to temperature. This house is
not centrally cooled, nor do we have air conditioning for where the
tanks are located so during the summer temperatures raise to low 90s
for weeks at a time (the fish amazingly do fine as long as it is only
2-3 weeks, and don't mind high 80 degree weather during the length of
the summer). I'd be worried the the amano shrimp or other varities of
shrimp could not take this kind of abuse as why I have strayed away
from shrimp as algae eaters.

My local fish store that I respect highly always carries amano shrimp
in large quantities if I ever had the temptation, but until the time
there is AC for the house I think I won't risk the lives of a $3.25
shrimp or any shrimp. They also carry wood shrimp and the occasional
odd-ball shrimp, but I havene't seen the red shrimp in that picture
stocked before (very attractive, btw).

tose (LeighMo) wrote in message ...
SAE's ignored the hair algae. The Ottos ignored the hair algae.

Have you tried shrimp? IME, shrimp are good with filamentous algae.

And it doesn't have to be Amano shrimp. There are a lot of shrimp that eat
algae, many of which are very interesting and attractive. Like this: