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Default Help me make a tank w/ just Bryophytes

Sounds cool. I've wanted to do something like that again for a while. My
180-gallon was originally set up as a "river-system" with the output at one
end and the intake at the other. Along the route I had a long ledge planted
with lileaopsis that was growing emersed in about an inch of slowly moving
water. The turtles loved to bask on it and, unfortunately, occasionally to
munch on it.

A lot of traditional aquarium plants are actually grown emersed. I think a
nice sword growing half in and half out of the water would be nice.


"You can't have everything - where would you put it?"

Allen Smith wrote in message

I have had a spare 20g for quite a while. I'm thinking of turning it
into a ~ 1/2 water tank/terrerium housing primitive plants (ferns,
mosses, liverworts) and perhaps some planaria and some type of
salamander or other amphibian for the upper portion.

Anyone have any ideas on specific plant species? I know the
traditional java moss, java fern (in all of its varities), african
fern (2 species), and for a floating plant I can try Azolla
caroliniana if I can find a source of it. The upper levels will
probably be multiteired with flatish rocks and I'll run a powerhead in
the lower level for some circulation. Light would consist of most
likely some midwattage CF setup, or even a dual striplight if my
plants don't need more light.

Any suggestions on further plant species, both aquatic and terrestial,
and animals (including lower critters like planaria) to inhabit the
tank? I need a good terrestial moss to cover the rocks and some other
terrestial ferns/liverworts that will enjoy the humidity.

Thanks for any ideas,