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Iain Miller
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Default adding PO4 and KNO3 to eliminate algae?

"Dave M. Picklyk" wrote in message
Can adding P04 and KNO3 reduce and eventually eliminate algae? I've heard
rumbles about this around here. Can anyone explain that to this newbie?

Would I have to test my PO4 and Potassium levels before making any

I've been doing C02 (33ppm) for about 2 weeks now and algae has started to
grow onto new plants I've added. I've also added 25 neons in the last week
but am feeding them once every two days (higher nitrate levels?). Light is
2wpg PowerGlo bulbs on a 15 gal wide tank. I'm adding Ferreal +spureal
mineral fertilizer for trace elements and iron, iron averaging out about
2-3.5ppm. I'm also doing 25% water changes every week.

I will be getting a pomacea bridgsii snail soon, but I want to find out

root of the problem.


AFAIK with fish in the tank your iron doesn't want to be much above 1ppm -
any more than that doesn't do them a lot of good!