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Default help with java moss

"LeighMo" wrote in message
I few months ago I bought a amount of java moss at my local lfs, I got it

bargin since it was the last one in their tank, it was DARK green and in

shape. I have since then trimmed out all the brown dead material and

around a little gargoyal , I have not seen any new growth from it in a 20
gallon planted tank with 2 watts/gal, CO2 infused, there are no

the water so I know its not a problem there. Is there anything I could

do to
stimulate the growth so as to see a reason to have it?

Do you fertilize? What other plants are in the tank?

IME, it can be difficult to keep java moss if you have a lot of

fast-growers in
the tank with it. It grows too slowly to compete for nutrients against
fast-growing plants.


I wish mine would grown more slowly. I throw out handfuls of the stuff.