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Default Second Planting

On Aug 17, 4:46*pm, mj wrote:
On Aug 17, 4:08*pm, WesD wrote:

On Aug 16, 2:50*pm, mj wrote:

Has anyone had any luck with a second planting of zucchini, yellow
squash and cucumbers? My plants have their third leaf and I am really
hoping for another crop. Experience anyone?


I have never had much luck with second plantings. *They just never
seem to recover from the heat and not enough light in Aug and Sep in
my garden. *I just plant a fall garden of greens.

When do you start "greens" I assume lettuces, collards ect. Onions?
Even if I get lucky and these do well I will still have lots of room.
I usually plant my lettuce in the greenhouse but I am open to ideas.
Oh and I am southeast of the Triangle. Between Fayetteville and
Wilmington if that helps

Collards, cabbage, mustard, turnip, swiss chard(had luck in spring
going for a fall crop of chard)

I am planting mine this week. Hard to find seeds though HD had
nothing, Lowes had some. Setting out collard and cabbage plants from
Lowes. Next time I buy my greens seeds in the spring and stick them
in the freezer.