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Default B. Nodosa: to repot or not?

Hi, If it were mine, I would simply soak it in a bucket of water strength
fert for a while & let it drain.
I would not repot now.
Cheers Wendy
wrote in message
| Last summer I bought a Brassavola Nodosa in a very small--less than 3"
| in diameter--clay pot. The plant now has one flower, and there are more
| coming. There is a lot of new growth too. However, the roots have grown
| into the clay pot, and when I watered it, the water did not flow
| through--it pooled on top and then very slowly drained, which makes me
| think that the media has broken down.
| I've always heard that orchids should repotted after blooming, but in
| this case, that might be some months from now. The plant looks very
| healthy in every way, but I'm worried that if I ignore the drainage
| problem, I'm courting disaster. Should I repot now?
| Thanks for any advice.