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Default Rhubarb Millionaires?

On Thu, 24 May 2012 10:08:39 +0100, "Jamie D."

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I'm tempted to fill my allotment with rhubarb but I won't! I'll be
giving away some plants and then creating a communal bed I hope!

That's very neighbourly of you! I've met lots of people who are more than
willing to pass crops/plants etc over to other plots, but to specifically
create something communal is a wonderful thought.

I'm keen to get my non-allotment neighbours growing too. I've given
away about 40 strawberry runners and a few raspberry canes, as well as
5 blackcurrant bushes.
They're all things that have cost me nothing but the time to pot them
up and a little time watering.

I've not got to the guerrilla planting stage in people's gardens -

The rhubarb will be fun - got 37 plants if they all survive to be
planted out.