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Default Eliminating coarse grasses

On 6/13/2012 1:21 AM, Dr Mike Oxgreen wrote:
'mike[_8_ Wrote:
;961511']I've had some small success mixing detergent with roundup
and using a brush to paint it on individual blades of offending grass.

Hi mike...

Thanks for replying!

Unfortunately I've got large areas of grass that are dominated by
Yorkshire Fog; at a guess I'd say at least a quarter to a third of the
lawn, in large patches. So it won't be practical for me to be so
selective with the glyphosate. I think my choice is between nuking large
areas and reseeding, or finding a long-term cultural regime that favours
the fine grass at the expense of the Fog.

Something I didn't mention in my opening post was that I did glyphosate
some of the very worst patches last year, where the Fog had formed
particularly dense tufts. I then reseeded with fine grass. So I now have
patches of very fine grass mixed in with the patches of very coarse
grass, which admittedly looks a bit daft but at least it's a step in the
right direction!

There are some new herbicides available. Google them up. They may just
hit the course grass and leave the good stuff alone.