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Default Stray fish

On Thursday, September 27, 2012 10:52:47 PM UTC-4, Phyllis and Jim wrote:
Now that is a first!

Wow! That's definitely a first.

One time, I bought a pair of loaches for my indoor 10G tank. I began acclim
ating them by dumping some water out of the bag they came in, then pouring
some water from the tank into the bag. While doing this, one of the loaches
took a running leap right out of the bag, and before I could catch him, he
went right down the drain! I felt terrible, but what could I do?

About 3 hours later, my girlfriend came home from work, and I told her the
story. She said, "did you try taking the drain apart? You never know, he co
uld be alive in the elbow."

Of course, I thought that's gotta be impossible, but I felt bad so I gave i
t a shot. What the heck, it was kind of clogged anyway, and could use a goo
d cleaning.

So, I put a bucket with a little water under the drain, and took apart the
elbow. It was pretty clogged with hair and gunk, so I put it in the water a
nd started to shake it out, when lo and behold! The loach came shooting out
, swimming all over the place amidst all of the hair and filth!

This was around 3 years ago, I guess. Long story short, all of the fish in
my 10G tank have since passed on, but I have one fish left in there that's
just as happy as can be. You guessed it, that one overzealous loach!

I'm actually quite afraid to put any other fish in that tank, for fear of g
iving him a disease, so this little 3" loach has the whole 10G to himself.
After he put up that much of a fight, I think he deserves to die of old age