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Default Cleaning the pad in the waterfall pump

Here's my question. I have to take the pump out about every other day, remo
ve the rough pad on the intake side, squeeze out all of the gunk, then put
it back in. After 2 days, the water flow slows to a crawl.

To clean it, I keep a container behind the pond that I fill with pond water
, then I just hold the pad in the water, squeeze it 9 or 10 times, then put
it back.

This hasn't a big deal during the summer, since I just have a morning ritua
l where I feed the fish and clean the pump, but as it gets colder and winte
r comes, that's going to REALLY suck!

Can you guys suggest what I might do to not have to clean this pad so often

Give the pump the cleanest water you can. Get it away from the bottom and
away from the surface. You might try running the pump with out the pads.
Your pond should have a bottom drain to remove the material that sinks to
the bottom.