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Default Bamboo hedge/screen

Can anyone tell me about the bamboo species 'Clumping' said not to spread beyond their designated barrier....does one have to tell them? heh! heh!.

Thing is I've been reading up and they like afternoon shade which where I would like to plant them replacing a dead ivy hedge they would get sun all day in our 'North' facing garden.

Now the big one 'Er indoors' say NO to bamboo they spread! I want to use them to replace a collapsed dead Ivy hedge on the North boundary of our garden which in neighbour to our Aunts bungalow who incedentally has bamboo in the drive and against the back fence to the neighbouring property. Thoughts if I find out they are 'Clumping' will dig out either full plant ( I hope) or the rhizones. I've looked up the price and in state of shock for establish potted plant so looking for the rhizones.